Monday, February 21, 2005


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My initial intent was to challenge our notions of seeing, to demonstrate with a painting what is "in the mind's eye," if you will allow the cliche. More often I have fallen into the simpler ambition of creating something interesting to look at, remarkable would be better. Our ideas bear some relationship to form and color; by accepting the Unknown we may come closer to a personal reality and that may bring us even closer to describing the actuality. Imagery might appear as combinations of thoughts based on memory, shaped by experience and influenced by personality. Our environment has a strong influence. Someone once said, "we see through our own filters," a unique set of filters. Wm. Blake suggested that experience informs our views. If you know Songs of Innocence and Experience, you know this much. Today, I seek to "join the circle", seeking innocence "beyond experience." Often, I am distracted. Was I commanded to "be one of the little children?" Beyond remarkable, the artist might reach for completion... the last painting might be named "Innocence Regained".